Thursday, December 25, 2014

Youtube Christmas - videos to watch

Merry Christmas everyone! How is your Christmas? I am a big Youtube junkie because the list of videos to watch is never ending. It's a man made universe housing huge constellations of videos, each waiting for you and me to discover and appreciate. Without further ado let's come and see my choices of videos to watch to enter a Christmas mood!

Joyce Chu's "Last Christmas" cover

Joyce was heartbroken when her present was given to a bitch (also played by herself). To get herself a good revenge, watch how she transformed into a badass rocker and tormented her lover day and night (played by her brother).

Night Owl Cinematics' "All I Want for Christmas Is You" parody

All our #firstworldproblems in the song! My biggest problem of using a smartphone is battery life. Yeap you have it right.

A Pink's Christmas greetings

I feel so touched when A Pink members wished me with their message! The English subbed versions came just in time for the festive mood.

Wish you a Merry Chirstmas & Happy New Year! Party safe people.

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