Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bioflashback: Being a Pink Panda

On a weekend in August 2014, I went to Pavilion KL for K-Festival. The fair showcased Korean food, traditional Korean medicine, Korean massage, Korean travel, so basically everything from Korea.

Later that evening there was a fan meet of MBLAQ.

There was a karaoke try out so I gave a shot. Out of all artists I chose A Pink. There was only NoNoNo available for singing. NoNoNo was the title track in "Secret Garden" released in year 2013 :)

As soon as the song started I sang until I finished the last syllable of the song.

Right after that the organizer asked me to stay! I knew it has to be an interview.

The interviewer said it was rare for them to stumble upon a non-Korean who can nail the song so well. So he asked me what was my secret.

I answered him that I frequently watch music shows like KBS Music Bank, MBC's Music Core & SBS Inkigayo on Youtube. So that was my answer!

If I had the chance to go back in time, I should have said I'm a big fan of #Apink & a Proud Panda. I'm proud of everything they do and will be a fan of them for life. Guess I was embarrassed to admit I'm a fan when I'm put on the spot, ha!

It has been a while since A Pink was in Malaysia. I should save up just in case they'll be here!

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