Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Biorefresher: Jinnyboy meet & greet + Random road trip + RED People showcase

I've not been updating my blog with Biorefresher posts so long already! The header image above was lost in my Photobucket and only found recently in Facebook (Phew!)

During the last week of year 2014, I took a break from work although it was not official. I still go to campus but it was like a ghost town! So, I decided to go for some adventures. First up is

Jinnyboy and Reuben Kang's meet and greet

On 28th of December 2014, Youtuber Jinnyboy and Reuben Kang had a fan meet at myBurgerLab Sunway. Admission was free! Fans had a chance to talk to Jinnyboy, Reuben and Alan Lok and pose with them for photos.

I look forward to new videos from Jinnyboy! Keep up the good work dude.

My little expedition

University of Nottingham was like a ghost town at the end of the year. I was quite bored, so I decided to do some little exploration around town.

My university is served by B34 Jalan Broga that leads to Broga in Negeri Sembilan. Sometimes I go for lunch with coursemates in Broga and we never go beyond that. Since I had free time, I decided to go further down the road. After crossing the border, B34 changes to N34.

I stopped by Lenggeng to have my lunch. Driving further down N34, I reached Federal Route 1 at Mantin. Then, I took Kajang-Seremban Expressway to return to campus.

I have also explored the road to Bangi while on my way home.

I know of Ara Damansara from bloggers but didn't know where exactly it is. Turned out it's accessed from the road leading to Subang Airport. Heck, Damansara is an overused buzzword for development already.

RED People fan meet

Members of RED People had their showcase at SS2 Mall in Petaling Jaya to promote their upcoming Chinese New Year album. There, I met the social media manager of Zun Zen and my facebook friend, beatboxer Peter Ooi.

I played a game and viola, I won the game!!! So I had the privilege to pose with members of RED People on stage. Wooohooo!

Their new CNY track "七洞强" is out on Youtube now, so go and check it out!

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