Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How EXID's "Up & Down" shoots up in the chart

The other day, I came across a news article of EXID's Hani asking a fancammer out for a meal. That's a news for a fan like me! What an honour wasn't it? However, the fan has declined the invitation. I'm so touched by Hani's kind heart. Hani was quoted as saying, "I'm currently thinking about how I should thank you, and I hope you take care of me in the future as well."

I came to know EXID through their music video Every Night. Although I could see glimmers of talent among members of the group, it didn't catch my interest. And then I found out their sudden rise in popularity, so I'm all wondering how did that come about!

Many would say, EXID become famous because of a fancam by Pharkil went viral and made their song "Up & Down" regained popularity. This is as good as a short answer but not the full answer to the question.

I am going to write you the full answer to the question. Ready? Go!

The original music video of "Up & Down" was released on 26 August 2014. The song didn't gain much popularity among K-pop fans. After the stipulated one month promotional period, EXID wound up activities across South Korean music shows.

In this undated video, South Korean race queen and model Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜 danced to EXID's "Up & Down", scantily dressed on her own live DJ show (similar to MFace). The video footage was uploaded by a viewer. Netizens discovered Ji Hye's dancing from a fashion blog site, and almost all male readers viewed the video.

At the end of Ji Hye's dance cover, viewers were suggested Pharkil's fancam of Hani.

Now this is where miracle happened! This fancam, uploaded on 9 October 2014 was discovered from Ji Hye's sexy video. And guess what? Viewers were treated to Hani's 하니 sexy move in tight stage outfits! The song was catchy, and viewers were like why I haven't heard of this before! The fancam went viral and pushed EXID's "Up & Down" up the music charts months after release. This phenomenon is known as reverse driving, by the way.

Seeing the shoot up in popularity, the agency asked EXID to promote Up & Down once again on music shows. Idol groups normally don't get second chance like this, but they were in for real treats thsi time. On the second round, their song was rated HOT stage. EXID even won some shows, a feat they have never dared imagine before.

EXID was in really in luck! Who knew a sexy fancam attracted the interest of many and saved the group.

Watch EXID's reaction to their first music show win to know what I mean!

Hani is eternally grateful for this miracle. It was by random chance they became successful, and it turned out so well for them. EXID rose to fame from the effort of a fan is big news, but Girls' Generation/2NE1/A Pink winning music shows thanks to their large fanbase is no big news. At the end of the day, without fans, there will be no celebrities.

Some have claimed that it was because Pharkil's fancam that EXID became successful, others argued that EXID made themselves successful. Guess what? Now we're presented with a familiar problem. I call this a chicken or egg problem.

Which came first, chicken or egg? The actual answer is: both must come first. EXID worked hard and not gave up in the entertainment industry. Pharkil didn't shoot his viral fancam by chance but he has perfected his shooting over long periods of star spotting. At the right timing, both came together and created a miraculous phenomenon.

So, the moral of the story is, continue doing what you love and reward will find you one day :)