Saturday, March 7, 2015

Biorefresher: All about Mr. Chu!

If you have not listened to Mr. Chu it's best to read this before you proceed!

Biorefresher 1: A Pink releases Japanese version of Mr. Chu

Back in January 2015, my favourite South Korean girl group A Pink released Japanese rendition of hit song Mr Chu. You can hear them singing kuchibiro chu. Now what does that mean? The only hint I'm giving you is: the meaning is the same in the Korean version, at the corresponding part!

Biorefresher 2: Got7 covers A Pink's Mr. Chu

Discovered this video of JYP Entertainment boy band Got7 doing a special stage of Mr. Chu! Plus they look cute performing that song.

Since I can't embed the original video, you can view it here:

Biorefresher 3: St.319 dance cover of Mr. Chu

These girls are pro, see for yourself! A Pink better or St.319 better?

Bonus: A Pink's Mr. Chu on SBS Dream Concert

What do you notice about the background music used for this performance?

Bonus: Mr. Chu (remix)

Bonus: Acoustic Mr. Chu

Listen to the girl's voice.

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