Sunday, March 22, 2015

Never plug USB the wrong way again!

Who doesn't use USB? Thumb drive, external hard drives, keyboards, mouse and even charging your iPhone and Androids everything uses USB! Getting your college assignment on paper must use USB. Printing stuff at work also USB. No USB, no life! Right or not?

Everyone's pretty excited about the signature blue USB 3.0 ports and plugs right? USB 3.0 can transfer data at faster speed than before. It really saves me time when I need large files on the go.

Now look closely at the USB 3.0 plug above. It's a well made plug, I know lah. But there's still one flaw with its design.

Notice the blue part that fills half of the space inside the metal housing? The blue part is what I don't like about USB since it existed. There's only one way to insert the plug correctly into the port. If you have turned the plug upside down, it's the wrong way.

How much time do I waste to plug USB the right way? As it turns out,

Especially when I need access to the back of my desktop and I can't move my chasis. This time I'd pull out a mirror and play the dentist's trick.

I don't mind about spending more time to plug my USB right. The real pain of plugging my device the wrong way is getting my stuff damaged and having a bad heartache afterward. When I'm unlucky, there goes my good USB cable or worse, my irreplaceable data in my USB flash drive.

How do you make sure USB plugs are inserted the right way? There are two choices
  1. Keep an eye for the right way.
  2. You won't plug USB the wrong way anymore! Because both ways are right. The incorrect way simply doesn't exist.

I prefer choosing the second option. It saves me much time and concerns.

What do I need to plug my USB correctly, both ways? An adapter. You're a genius in guessing it!

The good news is, Julian Chow and Kevin Lieber are working on this adapter I'm dreaming about. It's called Ryo Adapter (link).

With this magic adapter, both ways are made right to be plugged. The wrong way be damned.

Most importantly, the Ryo Adapter is a compact and lightweight device to be added on. No point for me to make an adapter the size of a golf ball right?

How to use the Ryo Adapter? First you plug your end of USB cable, like this

Then plug to your port

The Ryo Adapter stays securely attached to your plug. No worries about leaving one behind in public places!

That's it! An adapter with a minimal footprint that lets you plug your USB the right way, everytime!

At the time of writing, this project has raised $33478 at Kickstarter, far exceeding their target of $15000. I'm looking forward to it! 

How to order one? Back the project in Kickstarter. By September 2015, you'll receive your adapter ahead of everyone else!

That's all you need to know =)

For more info, visit:

Kickstarter page: Link


Good to know that they've filed a patent for Ryo Adapter!