Monday, April 20, 2015

A Pink celebrates 4th debut anniversary with volunteer work

April 19th is an important date for Pink Pandas, because it's the day A Pink said hi to us!

I am a proud fan of A Pink! Since their debut four years ago, I've been enjoying my every moment with A Pink whether on music shows or variety shows.

Why do I love A Pink? They are pretty. They are talented bunch of people. They are cohesive. They are professional. They never disappoint me. They mean love to me. I smile whenever I see them on screen. I look forward to their stages. And the list goes on!

Most importantly, they are a group that takes care of us fans. I feel as if I'm interacting with living persons. The members do speak to us and make us feel welcome. They are genuine persons unlike some unreachable gods out there. There is no wall that separates us fans with our beloved A Pink.

What did the members do on their debut anniversary? They did volunteer work with their fans! Tears flow down my cheeks when I heard it.

On this day, fans organised volunteer work in celebration of A Pink's debut. They neither ask for the presence of A Pink, nor were they aware of A Pink actually knew of their work. Then came to surprise! A Pink members showed up to take part in the volunteer work! I must add, they got down to the ground and performed the work with their fans.

Such an act made A Pink more genuine and sincere. That was not even a media campaign. All they had was a pure and willing heart.

Why you should be a Pink Panda? You'll be proud of your celebrity on and off stage. You'll also be proud of their fans too!

I'm never ashamed of being a Panda.

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