Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SECRET's Hyosung shows you what being sleep deprived is like

Like many of you, I'm in my 20s, and I'm guilty of messing up with my sleep. I've tried not sleeping at all during my undergraduate years, but after an episode I never dared to not sleep again. Now, even at the worst of circumstances, I'll get at least some sleep to help protect my body function.

I've stayed up in the lab up to 2:00 am in the morning to complete an experiment, and drove home afterward. It was no joke that driving in this condition is dangerous. I was not only drove in a lowered state of control, but there were motorists who drove in the opposite direction on an expressway. The next day, I had a meeting to attend, and was late for it.

When I'm deprived of sleep, I felt as if my lungs are burning. And I'm irritable. No joke.

This is an old video of SECRET's Jun Hyosung hosting a video show. What do you notice? Slurry speech. And, she struggled to keep her eyes open. That's what sleep deprivation do to you.

Viewers of the show accused MC Hyosung of being intoxicated and poured their wrath in the next episode. Ouch, that hurts.

So, why was she like that?

Our K-pop idols have crazy schedules and things can get real busy when lots of filming is needed. Prior to hosting the episode of the show, she filmed "Magic" MV with her group mates for 24 hours. Cumulatively, she hasn't slept for 48 hours! That's a lot. Viewers have no idea about Hyosung being sleepless.

Hyosung has talked about her "drunk MC" episode on a variety show. Apart from that, she talked about other stuff.

The drunk MC video may be an amusement for us, but it showed us the consequence of sleep deprivation is real.

Have some sleep, baby. You need it.