Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pink 에이핑크 @ Han Love cut (Japanese show)

I've watched this last year and looked for this again because I love A Pink!

Han Love is a Japanese show featuring Korean artists. As part of Japanese "NoNoNo" promotions, A Pink got on this show to tell us a different side of the members away from the stage! I particularly enjoyed the segment when the rest of the members had to say something about a member in question. As human beings they are, I superbly adore the quirks of each member! In the end, no matter the shortcomings of each member, it ended with a shoutout of "we love you!". That was so heartwarming to see.

So I learnt that Na Eun is an indecisive Damsel, gets upset easily and can be... weird. Eun Ji has bad habits of singing habitually (even in the night!) and reluctance to get up in the morning, a known fact that's just repeated in the show.

So far, I could only find Chinese subs for the show. Apology for that.

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