Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm attending MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015! #worldstageMY

I'm super excited for this coming Saturday because I'll be attending MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015!

The main reason I'm attending the show is none other than A Pink 에이핑크!

The moment I heard A Pink will be performing, I was so excitedddd!!! I die must go there because it's very hard to get a K-pop act with such a calibre to Malaysia. The girls are my idol and seeing them performing live is something not to be missed. The last time they were in Malaysia was in 2012, and I was not even home for them.

Tickets are officially not for sale, they can only be won through contests. But, people selling tickets online is no secret.

I tried my hands to winning the concert ticket but no luck. And I don't have the luxury of time to keep trying for one. Thanks to a fellow Malaysian Panda, I am so thankful she won a pair of tickets for me and other Pandas! We're all in this together for our beloved A Pink!

An integral part of A Pink's performance is fanchant!!! This is my chance to show my love for A Pink so I must do it properly. The local fanclub, A Pink Malaysia Community has even prepared a fanchant guide for me to learn and practice.

So, when you see A Pink fans (including MEEEE!!) shout loudly during A Pink's songs, I'm here to assure you they are neither a bunch of mad/crazy people, nor intending to disrupt ongoing stage performances. Instead, fanchants have evolved to become part of the performance - just watch a Korean music show broadcast and the audible chants gives you goosebumps! What's more, the louder the fanchant, the better it is for the artists.

I'm so happy to be able to attend MTV World Stage this year and I'm going to give nothing but the best for the girls! Are you going there too?

#worldstageMY #MTVWorldStage #ApinkinMY

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