Thursday, October 29, 2015

Explain to me, what's language barrier?

I was fortunate to have a chance to catch A Pink live at MTV World Stage 2015 at Sunway Lagoon. After A Pink's performance, a fan told me how Bomi was taken aback by the amount of interest she received. I was steps away from my goddesses, but my mind was so overwhelmed with stimuli that it was not possible to catch every antic of A Pink on stage.

When I got back home I found this short clip.

I must wonder why are we enthusiastic about foreign artists even though they speak in a language we do not understand. We are indeed crazy about them [foreign artists], but shouldn't the world should be crazy about us too?

Bomi's episode showed that language is no barrier to enjoying music. Likewise, Malaysia should be able to do the same. We have the colours of Malaysia to show the world, but what's stopping us?

Food for thought.

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