Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How a foreign worker caused my most embarrassing episode in Low Yat Plaza

I am a tech lover, it's natural that Low Yat Plaza is my favourite hang out place when I'm free. I had fond memories of working there, and sometimes I come to visit my friends in the IT shops.

Despite her stellar reputation as an IT hub, I had an embarrassing episode of using the toilet all but no thanks to gross incompetence of a foreign labourer. The incident has been a while now. I decided to write it down before it slipped from my memory.

On a visit, I had a bad stomach ache. I rushed for the toilet only to find that all male toilets were in the process of cleaning and maintenance. I checked out toilets on other floors only to find the same.

The urgency of my circumstance prompted me to make use of toilet for the disabled. The toilet entrance was manned by a Bangladeshi worker. I told him that I was going to use the special toilet, paid the usage fee and grabbed some pieces of tissues. Off I went to take care of my business.

I was sitting on the stool, and without warning

A [MALAY] FEMALE JANITOR ENTERED THE TOILET!!! She wasn't a pervert, just that she needed to change her water for cleaning.

How freaked out I was the moment someone invaded my privacy in the toilet.

She immediately made her way out and I continued my business to completion.

The moment I stepped out, I heard her yelling at the Bangladeshi foreign worker [in Malay], "Just now I asked you about whether someone is in the toilet, and you didn't respond to my question!!!! See what happened because of you!!!"

I was taken aback that the Bangladeshi couldn't understand a very simple question, let alone answer it!!! He was completely ignorant that I was in the toilet for the disabled. He ignored the scolding and acted like he didn't know anything at all. How can he be so careless??!! Such negligence cannot be tolerated on the job!!! I was completely pissed that he cost me my modesty!!!!!

I was unhappy but decided not to bother about bringing up the matter to Low Yat Plaza management.

I don't like it when employers resorted to hiring cheap foreign labours as an easy way out. Foreign workers -

  • Don't represent the country's image well
  • Have little understanding of the culture of the country
  • Can be very incompetent on the job
  • Faces language barriers and make communication difficult
  • Drain our money away to their home countries

On that day, my image of Low Yat Plaza went down the drain. Don't get me started on other problems posed by foreign workers.

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