Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm so in love with TWICE

Since year 2015 started, there has been births of several K-pop groups and artists to the point it's not possible to keep track of them. So many in such a short span of time! What's more, the rookie groups are really awesome! They have to be that good, because K-pop is becoming a saturated and competitive market.

It has also come to the point that Koreans themselves are not so interested in their own artists anymore because there's so much of them. When I asked my Korean friends about rookie groups, most of them just answered don't know but I'm in my home watching their artists on music shows almost everyday. Here comes the age that we know Korean artists better than the Koreans themselves!

And, if you assume that I know Malaysian artists because I'm Malaysian, I have to say that I look at my local Chinese artists. I have little interest in Malay artists. (Why? The answer is so obvious!!!) The fact is, entertainment in Malaysia is divided along racial lines. Not that I can't support artists of another race, it's really the issue of interest. Also, not that I'm racist.

There's a recent debut that caught my attention lately. It's this girl group by JYP Entertainment called TWICE.

TWICE is a nine membered girl group. It's a big group. The last time I've ever heard of nine member group was Girls' Generation and After School. Let's hope the members stay together forever.

photo cr: JYP Entertainment

Members of TWICE are selected through a survival show called Sixteen. Actually, I didn't follow the show but I heard there's a Taiwanese who made it to the lineup. Hence, the group got my attention.

When the group debuted, I watched the group for the Taiwanese member called Tzuyu 周子瑜. Being a member of the same ethnicity creates a bond. Otherwise, TWICE will just be another K-pop idol group for me.

A plus point is, Tzuyu is known for her visual appeal.

photo source, cr: Skoolooks

TWICE debuted with Like Ooh-Ahh. After watching them on music shows a few times, I begin to develop liking for other members.

I look at Jihyo for her voluminous body awesome vocal presence. I look at the Japanese members Sana, Mina and Momo. Sana look like the typical sweet girl, like my lovely daughter, hahaha.

When I first listened to TWICE's debut track, I immediately feel the song was like a mash up of lyrics, and vocals wasn't the main thing. But I kept coming back for the song. Slowly, I like it. You can hear the words sung so clearly. The members danced so well, and I can tell they are well trained in all aspects of being entertainers - after all, this is what you should expect from JYP Entertainment right?

You can follow TWICE through a few accounts here:

Twitter: @JYPETWICE,
Instagram: @twicetagram,

Apart from that, do you know there are Malaysian fanclubs for TWICE? Here're two Chinese (link)(link) and an English (link) ones. Here's the chance for you ONCE to contribute. They're now recruiting staff members, give it a shot, why not?

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