Saturday, November 14, 2015

Personality - Chenellewen


As a guy, one of my favourite pastime is looking at pretty girls on social media be it Facebook or Instagram! The following feature on both networks made it simple to
stalkkeep track of my favourite beautiful girls. I am no longer limited to seeing pretty faces in my everyday circles. Web 2.0 is making it feels like... a huge galaxy, where people are like stars!

I have been a fan of Blogger Hotties post on Eric Yong's. Sadly, they're no longer on his blog. I'm now looking at Generation Y bloggers now, so it's a way to continue his legacy. One thing I promise: I won't delete these after I am married!

In my inaugural feature of pretty personalities, I am starting with Chenellewen!

Who is she? She's a beauty/fashion blogger, also active on Facebook and Instagram. Links will be given at the end of this post, no need so rush!

A listicle (written in Chinese) described her as a classy girl 气质美女. She's recognised immediately for her doll like features. At the same time, you can tell that you're looking at a real person.

She's also described as having the face of a K-pop star (source)! Wondering which Korean celebrities she resembles? The notion came as no surprise. In fact, I have found two K-pop idols having features similar to Chenellewen: Minx's JiU and MyB's U-Jung. Proven fact!

As for height, she stands at 135 cm, which is my best guess.

I discovered her blog from PovyTeng. She normally blogs about fashion, cosmetic products, and also travelling to overseas destinations.

I met her for the first time at a party event for a men's product held at Zouk Club. She really have a beautiful personality.

She's active in fashion bazaars, selling her pre-loved clothing.

More photos of her!

You want to follow her liao? She can be found at

Facebook (personal profile):
Facebook (fan page):

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