Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some simple rules I follow for Parking

Having a car to get around town is a necessity for Kuala Lumpur dwellers like me. My car gives me the convenience I need to travel to work and of course let me hang out at my favourite places.

When I was going out with my father as a kid, I noticed him parking his car illegally and caused inconvenience to both of us. Once I missed my music class because his car got towed away. At other times he brought home parking tickets worth RM 200 - 300. My mom has been rebuking him a number of times already.

It's no fun losing your money to offences like that. I can eat at luxurious restaurants with RM 200 - 300! The choice is always yours! When I grew up, I decide not be like that.

Whenever I arrive at my destination, the first thing to do is to find a parking spot. I follow a few simple rules when it comes to parking my car.

  1. Park at legitimate parking bays. In the city, it is very hard to find free parking spots so don't expect one. Unless I am familiar with the place, I'd rather pay a few bucks for peace of mind rather than parking illegally. Parking illegally not only incurs hefty fines when caught, what more imagine the hassle if your car get clamped or towed away. 
  2. Consider getting a season pass if you come to a place regularly. For a monthly fee, you get to park as long as you want, and it's cheaper than parking on an hourly basis.
  3. Don't skip paying for parking! This applies to parking spots at business areas under jurisdiction of local governments. You'll never know when officers are on duty. There was once I saw an MBPJ officer issuing fines [to cars without ticket] right after I got out of my car. Don't give them any reason to issue you summonses.
  4. Take a look at the fee structure before you press for a ticket. If you are not happy with the fee structure, you have the right to backtrack. Once I reversed my car out of the car park; cars behind me gave their way to let me go.
  5. If you must double park, make sure you leave your mobile phone number on the dashboard. But even that is not fail safe - once I had people unable to contact me due to my dad switching telco [my number is a supplementary line], the other time I didn't receive calls when I was in an area with poor cellphone coverage.
So, I shared with you 5 pointers on parking. It's not hard to follow, right? By being law abiding citizens, I can enjoy all I can without causing unnecessary incovenience to others. The peace of mind to me and others is priceless. No one wants to be angry over parking issues right?

If you don't follow, you might end up like this:

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