Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What truly makes me happy?

I always have the thought that no one reads my blog, plus I'm occupied in everyday life, so I hardly update. TianChad asked me about my lack of blog updates when I bumped into him at Mid Valley. It seems that he's interested to hear from me. Awwww thanks, at least someone cares about my blog.

The title may sound a little depressing but hey, it's time to have a conversation with myself.

I have been through a few unhappy episodes during the past few months. They happened during events I attended, but those episodes really bothered me to the point that my performance for PhD was affected. Diabetes patients, I'm so sorry for this.

I talked to friends on Facebook, and it really helped. You know who you are :)

People always share good things over the web, and I admit that I do feel jealous. I was always like, "How on earth does he/she get to try out all these new things/attend these events?" That was me since high school/college. I knew I'd crave to try these new things or meet those bunch of people, as if I'm entitled to those things?

When I started to get my income, I feel that things do become a bit better. I explored during my free time by myself, and it really helped. I could buy some things from my friends. I did most of the things on my own accord, and fortunately, most people I met have a beautiful personality :)

I've take the bold step of creating a fanbase for an underrated K-pop group and led me to a few nice people too. I think I've found my niche, and I'm glad for it.

Speaking about romantic relationship, I myself have yet to get into one. I know some of you may have gotten into relationships in high school/college/university or in the workplace.

Until now I've yet to meet The One. I've tried in the past, but no success. The fact is, you can't make someone to like you.

There was once I had the thought of looking at Malay girls to get my easy way out with a high price. Thank god someone saved me from heading that path.

My coursemate had once lamented that it's hard to find romance in the lab.

I'm still waiting for a compatible person when my circumstances change, and meanwhile I've read a lot of articles on relationships and being a person. They really help in getting myself to have better understandings.

I've finished talking about things that bothered me. Now, what about the one thing that keeps me happy?

This South Korean idol singer:

Son Naeun

She's A Pink's Son Na Eun, beautiful on the inside and outside.

She's an epitome of the woman I want to find. I've been asked on the type of woman I'd like, before her debut I find it hard to answer the question. Now, I can say Naeun is my type of girl.

When she was casted in We Got Married, I followed all her episodes, and imagined myself in the male idol's place. What a way to watch the show!

Whenever I watch her in broadcast, she puts a smile on my face, because she's the most beautiful thing to see in the world. Her smile is just mesmerizing. I don't need her to have a powerful voice, but her's is the sweetest thing to hear.

The closest I could get to her was during MTV World Stage in Malaysia, while she was performing on stage. I desire to see her up close and be starstruck. That will make me the happiest person in the world.

Given the chance, I'd fall hard for her.

For now, Naeun gives me life.

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