Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I'm back! Oh no, my blog has gathered a thick layer of dust.

Put a picture of a bunny, because it's cute!

So, what I have been doing for the past year? My attention has mainly been put into studying international law and history of Taiwan and China.

I am still in my PhD project, but I have put much of my energy into looking at the Taiwan issue and writing all my findings up as a book. This is a lot of energy, and a lot of effort. What I have learnt may not have immediate benefit for me, but at least it is useful for later.

It took so much work, there must have been an event that gave me a big push to do it. I have not imagined making this far.

I become aware that international law is the key to understanding international documents. While I am not practicing as an international lawyer, international law is useful for historians to understand documents, especially treaties signed between countries.

In the age of Internet, finding information has never been easier. I don't need to go to a library to read ancient texts. They are now uploaded onto the web. Imagine accessing dynastic records of China on my computer screen and cite them. I always have the convenience of entering a keyword to Google and many things, some rarely seen, can be brought to the light. I have read the lesser known stuff, such as prophecies regarding the future of China. One must be astounded by the perfect fulfillment of prophecies.

What have I been turned into? Should I continue to be a scientist, or a historian?

My friend once remarked to me, I should blog about politics, that I have the potential to make it big with such a topic. Maybe, I have found a good topic to blog about. I have always kept an interest in the culture of East Asia. The relationship between China and Taiwan, or better known as Cross Strait Relation, seem an attractive topic, because I can make use of my proficiency in Chinese.

I have this regret. That I should strive for a person I want to be and not to be dictated by someone else.

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