• High level of scientific research platform:

          A national enterprise technology center, academician workstation, Hebei province natural pigment Engineering Research Centerschool enterprise cooperation to build a natural pigment Research Institute and other scientific research innovation platform; andChina Agricultural University, Beijing Technology and Business University, Tianjin science and technology University, Nanjing Institutefor comprehensive utilization of wild plants in more than and 10 universities and research institutes have built good cooperation andtraining talents; hardware strength, equipped with supercritical extraction, subcritical extraction, multi function The extraction tank group, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, membrane separation, adsorption, molecular distillation, reverse osmosis and othersets of test and test equipment, types and specifications, to fully meet the needs of scientific research and innovation.

        • High level scientific research team:

          Enterprise culture industry experts more than and 30, distinguished experts, more than and 20 professors, has a leading subject of industry, scientific research team and experience the organic combination of gradient gradient degree, has a professional leading technology, knowledge structure, age structure reasonable complementary talents.

        • High performance scientific research model:

          To implement people-oriented scientific research and innovation by the company executives, standardized management, the establishment of security mechanism; advocate from the grassroots level, cultivate backbone, to seek high-end development; process development, detection analysis, pilot conversion, amplification of production and marketing of the whole resources, provide strong support for the innovation effect and value realization.

        • High quality research results:

          In recent years, national and international scientific and technological cooperation projects, the national public sector (Agriculture), "12th Five-Year" national scientific research plan, the State Torch Program, the national Spark Program, national key new product plan and above the provincial level more than 30 projects, provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards 16, completed 30 scientific and technological achievements, participation the revision of national standards for more than 30, 86 authorized patents.

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