About Me

Hello! My name is Chai Boon Kheng 蔡文庆, born on 28 April 1989 in Taiping, a mining town in Perak but grew up in Kuala Lumpur throughout my childhood and adolescence.

First of all, how did my online name Biopolymath come about? My nickname consists of two parts, "bio" and "polymath". I have aspired to study biotechnology since high school, hence I began my name with "Bio". "Polymath" is a Greek word that describes a person knowledgable across different fields, like Leonardo da Vinci during Renaissance Era. "Biopolymath" expresses my desire to learn, understand and gain expertise across boundaries as well as discovering interesting stuff in Nature that may not be obvious.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from University of Melbourne as a competitive International Undergraduate Scholar. During university, I took molecular bioscience subjects, ultimately leading to my major in Biotechnology. I took all subjects offered by the biochemistry & molecular biology department of the university (I was such a fan!). But I have actually avoided subjects that involved experiments with animals (hahaha!) As for my fourth year, I am proud to be attached to the prestigious Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research under the supervision of Professor David Vaux (the very femess cell death researcher). My years in Melbourne is the treasured time of my life :)

As a concerned Malaysian, I have a keen interest in the future of my beloved nation at heart. For that, I am a junkie of sites like The Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today and Malaysia Chronicle to keep myself up to date with national politics. In terms of political view, I describe myself as a progressive, firmly believing that meritocracy is the way forward.

Young at heart, I am following Korean pop music [K-pop] as well! Was introduced to K-pop during university (omg am I an uncle fan?) and has never looked back. Unlike most who are fans of sexiness, I am into talented cutie pies Juniel, Secret, Girl's Day and A Pink!

Since I am a scientist, I love taking alternative and investigative approaches to things, because all roads lead to the truth as long as you're on the right track. For that, I am a fan of using specialised tools to look at things. Moreover, I take integrity of data/sources seriously :)

Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you for reading my blog!