About Me

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog!

How do I describe myself? First and foremost, I'm a proud Malaysian of course! 
I call myself a person full of curiosity. I love to understand how everything in the world works. I take every opportunity to research and answer questions in my mind. The world is simply, fascinating. The question that I always ask is, WHY.

I am passionate in my pursuit of science from my childhood and finally, I was led to biochemistry and molecular biology at university. What's exactly biochemistry? I call it biology happening at the scale of the molecules, drawing from foundations of chemistry and physics. It's the central science of biology from plants to medicine and one of the very exciting areas of science. I am truly honoured to study my favourite subject at one of the finest school, University of Melbourne. Moreover, I am very thankful for a precious scholarship that allowed me to pursue any subject/module that piqued my interest. 

Just like many guys, I have the tech geek in me. I am very much into computers and consumer electronics. I have an interesting habit of checking out the Settings section of a device/program/website, and being able to tweak each option is magic. I am fascinated with smartphones; know a thing or two about gaming keyboards and mice, headphones and listen to music with audiophile equipment. Interestingly, I'm no gamer - but I like to watch games being played!

I have a growing interest in K-pop too! I grew up primarily with Chinese pop music from Taiwan. I got started with K-pop while in university and I'm happily exploring it until now. My study of life science inspired my interest in K-pop and South Korean culture. My studies taught that life speaks a common language (at the molecular level). Similar concepts can be said for Korean and Chinese language and culture! 

As for my tastes, I look at cutesy girl groups a lot, and I have my unique way of appreciating their talent. I am a staple for visual appeal, and vocal comes second. If I can link K-pop back to science, I'm pretty excited at it!

What am I doing now? You wonder! I'm now pursuing a PhD at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. My research project looks at using nutrients to treat Type 2 diabetes without side effects posed by drugs. I hope to cure you one day from the bench, maybe? 

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